Making Money with DTG

A 60-minute webinar produced by Screen Printing magazine

Available - November 7, 2017 - 2 PM ET

Direct-to-garment inkjet printing has the potential to completely transform the decorated apparel industry. Technology developers continue to ramp up their R&D spend – even Wall Street has taken an interest – yet many print shop owners, some of whom had bad experiences with early DTG models, remain unconvinced.

Find out why DTG is changing the rules in apparel decoration – and more importantly, how to adopt the technology successfully in your business – from three leading experts and featured Screen Printing authors who will share practical advice and proven strategies.

Part One: “Why the Decorated Apparel Industry Is Being Disrupted”

Speaker: Mark Coudray

DTG is just one component of a much larger transformation that promises to thoroughly change the custom apparel decoration business as we know it. Discover why the digital marketing revolution is driving demand for short-run products that can’t be efficiently produced by screen printing, and why this is an opportunity –not a threat – for shop owners.

Part Two: “How to Sell and Market Your DTG Services”

Speaker: Aaron Montgomery

Many printers who have failed with DTG didn’t realize that the technology requires a completely different mindset in sales and marketing. The biggest mistake that shops can (and often do) make is simply adding a line to their existing pricing sheets for DTG work and hoping that orders for the new device start coming in. Once you know where to find people who are looking for personalized garments, you’ll understand why they’re willing to pay a premium.

Part Three: “What It Takes to Run a Profitable DTG Business”

Speaker: Marshall Atkinson

A good DTG business plan doesn’t stop with sales and marketing. Your production crew from the art staff through the shipping department must understand how to modify their practices in support of a DTG initiative. This section will also discuss recent advancements in high-end DTG technology, including high-speed digital and hybrid screen/DTG options.


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