Wednesday, August 2nd, 12pm (Singapore)/ 2pm (Sydney)

Corporate vehicles are increasingly being used by criminals to disguise and transfigure the proceeds of their crimes. In order to circumvent regulations and legislation controls, these corporate vehicles are being misused to disguise identity and the true source of funds and assets.
The illicit use of these structures include laundering the proceeds of crime, facilitating tax avoidance as well as other financial crimes.

In this webinar, we will examine the evolution of financial crime over time and share some global perspectives on the challenges faced in today’s era. Specifically, we will aim to cover the following topics and provide some practical tips to tackle financial crime through real life case studies.

  • Trends and the evolution of the nature of financial crime
  • How to understand the complete global corporate structure – untangling the corporate web
  • How organizations can assess the financial crime risks they are exposed to using financial data
  • How organisations can minimise risk through early identification of financial crime
  • Real life case studies and examples

The speakers will share their expertise and practical advice to help achieve your organization’s goals to minimize financial crime and mitigate risk.
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