Webinar: Environmental Toxicity Testing: Factors to Consider from Sample Collection to Data Interpretation

Marriah Grey: Ecotoxicology Manager, B.Sc.
Biological Sciences, Simon Fraser University, BC

Please join our complimentary webinar on May 3rd, 2017 featuring Environmental Toxicity Testing: Factors to Consider from Sample Collection to Data Interpretation. This webinar is part of Maxxam’s technical education program designed to share knowledge in the area of environmental chemistry with our key clients.

Environmental toxicity testing is used to assess the impact of environmental pollutants on aquatic and terrestrial organisms. Environmental regulators use standard toxicity test methods, to ensure contaminated waters, soils, and sediments, do not inflict excessive harm to their receiving environments. For example, the 96-hr Acute Lethality test using Rainbow Trout, has been used as a compliance tool for many industrial effluents.

Despite the wide application and use of environmental toxicity testing in North America, the interpretation of such results may be difficult as there are many factors that can confound the data. From sample collection to statistical analysis of the test data, we will explore how to treat, interpret, and understand the limitations of toxicity test data.

The webinar will be an interactive session and a recording will be made available to attendees for future training purposes.

May 3, 2017

12:00pm-1:00pm MT

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