Valuing Episodes of Care:
Expanding Transparency, Redefining Reimbursement

Join FAIR Health for a free webinar on June 9, 2016

As the national healthcare system considers value-based reimbursement, stakeholders involved with everything from designing benefits plans to establishing fee schedules to equipping consumers with decision-making tools will benefit from an understanding of episodes of care—the full range of procedures and services associated with a given illness or condition. The presentation will examine how populating episodes of care with robust, reliable cost data, calibrated for risk factors, can ensure an organization’s success as the industry evolves to new and innovative reimbursement models.

Register for this free, one-hour webinar, and learn about:
  • Using bundled cost information to plan for the impact value-based reimbursement will have on your business;

  • Developing models based on group-specific claims data to identify and reduce potentially avoidable complications and, ultimately, improve outcomes and realize savings;

  • Designing and pricing benefits plans based on reimbursement for all care associated with treating a single common condition or illness;

  • Why risk profiles are critical when estimating the cost for episodes of care;

  • The value of studying variations in cost and utilization across geographic areas and over time;

  • Offering episodes of care data in user-friendly formats customized for each audience segment to promote understanding of the complete cost of care;

  • How decision-support tools fueled by complete cost data can promote sound consumer decision making, such as minimizing unnecessary ER visits; and

  • How cost information can help to improve the overall patient experience.

Please invite others in your organization who might be interested in attending.

Date: June 9, 2016
Time: 2 to 3 pm Eastern Time

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